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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Social Marketing Webinar

This is from a member in our Linkedin  Marketing Professionals Group
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Now that the traditional one-way marketing conversation has become a dialogue.
What are you getting from the discussion?

(Clue: If your answer doesn’t include "additional sales," "generation of qualified leads" and "increased ROI on Social Media Marketing spent," it is highly recommended to attend this free, 60-minute webinar that will teach you:

How to get started and where to begin
• The 5 Steps of Effective Social Networking for entrepreneurs and executives
• Proven Social Network Marketing best practices—and what doesn't work
• Valuable solutions to minimize your time investment and costs to maximize your returns

Plus, you get to listen to real success stories from real people that have successfully generated sizable revenue from their participation in Social Media.)

Information is being shared by your customers, prospects and competitors every day through Social Media channels. They are building relationships, strengthening brands and increasing prospects. With an exponential number of prospects accessible to you, you should be, too.

Attend our free, 90-minute Webinar, "Capitalizing on the Conversation," and you'll learn how to execute a well-planned Social Media Marketing strategy that can:

• Generate exposure for your business
• Increase traffic to your site
• Build new business partnerships
• Bring in new, qualified leads

Register now! Limited number of spots available for this Webinar. Maximize your investment in social media by visiting:

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