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Monday, April 12, 2010

Quotes Of Note (formerly quote of the day)

It's popular to say that our current period of time is filled with more change than any previous time, but that's most likely untrue. Consider this statement  (from Deliver Magazine):

"Each age has felt as though their world was being turned upside down by what has been labeled as "Progress".
"The only rule is that the rules are always changing...and that is the way it has always been!"

So, what does that mean to your marketing strategy?
The suggestion here is to train yourself to never take any of your assumptions for granted. Challenge yourself to provide some backup for your beliefs and your theories.
How do you know that? And, maybe more important,  how do you know that you know that???
Great advice for everyone.
Stay open, If it isn't working try something new. It is more cost effective today than ever before to start, change or revamp your marketing plan. Remember,  the only constant is CHANGE!.
We've seen it in our own business and have adapted...shouldn't you?

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