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Friday, July 20, 2012

First Quarter 2012 Video Stats

The Latest report from Visible Measures indicates significant growth in online video as a viable mix in distribution medium selection for advertisers.

The report states that social video ads were viewed over a whopping 1.3 billion times in the first quarter of 2012! That's over a 78% increase over fourth quarter 2011 and a 40% increase over same quarter last year!
Now, that is a significant increase by anyone's standards.
The increased trend indicates a favoring of professionally produced content over amateur user generated content. Given the affordability of online video in tandem with traditional distribution outlets, it is obviously a great time to multi-purpose your visual content! You get a whole lot more bang for the buck by incorporating online in your marketing mix strategy!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Video 90% Of Online Content By 2014

According to the Visual Networking Index Forecast from Cisco Systems Video will be 90% of all online content by 2014!
To take things further, the Retail Online Integration website points out that consumers are increasingly looking to video to fulfill their information needs and Google is taking notice by allocating more of its search engine territory to video content and less to traditional web results.
Since we produce for a lot of retailers this tells us that while Google's strong integration of video has created more competition for plain-text results, it has opened the door for video assets to acquire superior search engine rankings.
All of this should tell you something that we have been saying for quite a while now?
It's time to get on board ! Video dramatically increases your search engine ranking. It's not just a nice thing to think about doing someday, THE TIME IS NOW!

Videos offer something new for consumers to view and share, crucial components in achieving SEO success. As Search Engine WatchOpens in a new window reported, videos yield over 40 percent more clicks than plain text, making them an essential piece in driving traffic, leads and content sharing.