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Monday, April 19, 2010

Publish Video Anywhere For Free!

New at TubeMogul:

From Ryan Lawler/ 
Online video analytics, distribution — and now advertising — firm TubeMogul announced a new publishing product today that will allow its publisher partners to easily publish and distribute their content to any site for free. The company’s new Destinations product enables media companies and content creators to create custom video distribution venues on top of a couple of pre-set distribution profiles.
Once a Destinations profile is created, Tubemogul does the heavy lifting of automatically transcoding a file to fit any technical specification needed for the target distribution outlet, and will send to that site automatically. Users can upload files in a number of ways to TubeMogul, including uploading files directly, designating a web URL, or through MRSS feeds. The product then ingests the files and transcodes them, automating the ability to distribute to thousands of niche video sites, custom FTP sites, CDNs and other endpoints.
Because TubeMogul Destinations is offered for free to users who host their own files, it could undercut a number of cloud encoding vendors, like HD Cloud and, that charge for similar services. TubeMogul marketing director David Burch says that the company can offer the transcoding and delivery for free because it has built out its own transcoding system and bandwidth costs aren’t that great. And while it is being offered gratis to users who host their own files, TubeMogul is planning a paid offering for those who want to host their files with the company as a way to recoup some of the costs.
While TubeMogul could see some adoption for its distribution product, the company is more focused on analytics and advertising. Its reporting suite is used by a number of media and entertainment companies, and the company has partnerships with companies like, which also offer its analytics to their customers. At the same time, TubeMogul has seen early success with its ad platform, which, just a few months after being launched, already exceeds the revenues of TubeMogul’s other businesses.

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