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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

FYI: Social Media

If you read this blog then you know that we were early adopters of incorporating Social Sites in your marketing mix. Especially if you can't find the budget dollars for a more comprehensive approach.
In that regard here are some stats from a recent Nielson study that come as no surprise:
The article was reported by "Media Buyer & Planner"

The study released on Tuesday by Nielsen and Vizu finds that 89% of advertisers and 71% of agencies use tools such as pages, posts, "likes" and "pins," while 75% of advertisers and 81% of agencies say they purchase social media or sponsored content. Also, 64% of advertisers say they plan to spend more on social media in the future.
While paid social media is relatively new, Jeff Smith of Nielsen says, "Advertisers are starting to look at social media as an integrated part of their advertising strategy."

We gotta wonder, are they just now figuring this out? I mean Really!

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