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Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl XLV11 Ad Cost

For the last two years the Super Bowl Broadcasts have been the most watched programs in U.S. television history!
Considering the media fragmentation of todays world that kind of mega-audience obviously comes with a price!
How much does :30 of air time cost to grab that number of eyeballs? Well, according to Shoot Magazine a :30 tv commercial on this years CBS broadcast went in the neighborhood of $3.8 million! Thats up over last years $3.5 million.
The surprising thing is that (as all the stats come in), the thing that's getting the most buzz didn't only happen on the big screen. Preliminary analysis of viewing habits show that smaller smart phone and tablet screens (watched simultaneously with big screens) created quite an astounding marketing flurry on their own. The blackout in the third quarter only helped to contribute to all of this. Oreo was quick to post a graphic tweet: "You don't need light to dunk"
And Audi quickly took a shot at Mercedes Benz who is a backer of the stadium.
So, what's the take-away?
1. Be quick to pay enough attention to your marketing efforts to take advantage of opportunist occurences!
2. If you can't afford $3.8 million for a single airing of your :30 TV commercial you can still be in the game on the small screen!   Put another way don't overlook the growing trend toward multi screen viewing.
As reported in the New York Times, e-Bay bounced back by focusing on mobile. Face it, nearly everyone capable of buying the products or services offered by your company has a smartphone today and he or she is connected seven days a week, 10 hours a day.  If you want to connect, you need to embrace mobile today.
Just be sure to optimize your content (especially video) for Multi screen compatibility!

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