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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Planning Video Media Dollars

It's no surprise that planning  video media has become more complex in the age of cross platform deployment.
This is due to the fact that video ads perform differently on different screens. All of this creates new headaches when planning how to distribute budgets to optimize performance.
A new study conducted by ad solution provider Videology takes a look at how video ads perform on online video, mobile video devices and connected TV's. The study attemps to make sense of  the relationship between cost, performance and scale of video run across multiple screens. 
Performance is generally measured by click-through rates (CTR) and video completion rates (VCR)
The study found that mobile video had a 350% improvement in  CTR over online video. Although the study doesn't point it out, we feel it's important to note that this due to the fact that most connected TV's don't allow for clicking through an ad and in that regard they are more similar to traditional TV ads which if you follow this blog you already know are the top performers. All of this assumes that you are dedicating a portion of your media budget to "online" delivery.
So, to make short of it all the study suggests the following:
If your goal is CTR, then it makes good sense to integrate mobile video (bear in mind that this approach only increases you CPM by 30%. On the flip side if  video click through (VCR) is your goal then it makes great sense to increase your connected TV dollars. This will double your VCR but only increase your CPM by 54%.
The study does help put some perspective on what you as an advertiser can expect. 
It's also important to note that the study is a follow up to previous research that shows that traditional TV advertising and online video complement each other. The research showed that multi-screen campaigns drive 9 times higher recall. If your focus is on reaching the most eyeballs online video is a great compliment to your media mix due to it's high deployment factor.

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