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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Online Video Quality? ...Read These Viewer Comments!

OK, we've discussed this in past posts, but just to start 2012 off right for those that still don't think that quality is important to your online video marketing efforts, here are some comments from viewers of a video posted on "Streaming Media's" website.
Bear in mind that the responses were not from a video produced by Streaming  Media.
Here are the comments:

Comments for “Using Online Video to Generate Leads and Improve SEO”

  1. While your sitting there talking about how great your video product is, Im watching the cameras shake and the lighting be sub par at best. Embarassing.
    PLEASE Do NOT contact me.

    Posted by tim  
  2. I must agree with the previous comment. this is your calling card and it is a poor representation. Someone needs to learn basic 3 point lighting.

    Posted by Addison   
  3. Although there was potential for some good information and promotion, this video falls short for several reasons. I decided to view this video from a link in an email, as a potential user of video for marketing.
    Not surprisingly I assessed this video as a showcase of how to the power of online video advertising to generate leads and improve SEO. At the end of it, I was no wiser.
    Content: Mostly marketing generalities, little substance or new information.
    Look: Guys, please lose that black background! Way too sombre and presenters’ dark hair gets lost.
    Host:  is very camera-friendly (especially with better background and lighting), with a lovely smile and a pleasant energy. On the improvement side, for anyone over 30, Ann's  accent and cadence was grating. Please, get some accent and media coaching. You look good, but the accent (vowel sounds in particular) lets you down. Also, when presenting, it is important for credibility to enunciate one’s own name.
    Hope these thoughts were taken constructively.

    Posted by JamesG |
  4. why are you shooting handheld – it’s an interview, not Blair Witch Project. Also your shots are goofy! Really don’t need an extreme CU on the interviewee! Maybe you should watch some of your own “How-To” tutorials!

    Posted by Holly
  5.  the presenter’s accent is not an issue. Her cadence needs help.
    But, the editing was distracting. You NEVER cut mid-sentence, let alone mid-word. That was happening often enough that I think the editor wasn’t even listening to the dialogue. And the CU camera was tromboning. Real videographers don’t use zoom. The lighting wasn’t great,  A color wash in the background would have been a good touch.

    Well, there you have it!

    Just when your son, daughter or nephew got a new video camera for Christmas, you thought your'e online video problems were solved......
    Well, read viewer # 2's comments again! 

    And Remember....

    From lighting and format choice, to broadcast and or web delivery standards.......Quality Matters!
    Hire a professional and save money, heartache and worst of all....trying to fix what would not have been broken in the first place if you had just hired professionals!

     Best of Luck to all in 2012!

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