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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Affordable Marketing

This one came across the radar from a recent post on
It's from a recent video interview with Greg Jarboe, president and co founder of SEO-PR.

If you have no budget for marketing Try You Tube.

This is at least a newbie approach into promoting your business.......

1. Find Someone Who Can Shoot and Edit
We disagree with Mr. Jarboe here  (who suggests that you can do it all yourself) for the following reasons: 
Everyone knows by now that the quality of your video says just as much about you as does your content. 
Save yourself some major heartache and hire a professional. Not only will this make your life and expectations easier but the odds are that a pro will be far more up to date on what encoding approach will work best. Now, for those with little or no budget..well getting in the game might seem like a good idea. Bear in mind though that it might be much wiser to do a little research in your local location. There might be an event photographer/videographer that is dying to get into the production biz. I will guarantee you will be better off making a deal with a guy or gal like this rather than letting you're employee or relative who just got a consumer video camera for Christmas do your production. Think about it, this is a no brainer! 
Don't cut yourself off at the kness before you even get started...Hire a Professional!
2. Grab the Viewer in 15 Seconds
People watch online video differently than they watch television. With online video, Jarboe says, you need to get their attention immediately; the first 15 seconds is crucial. “You’ve got to hook ‘em fast,” he says.
3. Optimize Your Search Terms
There are now 48 hours of new video uploaded to YouTube every minute, Jarboe says, which he estimates to be 9.6 million new videos per week. Standing out in that crowd is a challenge, and just uploading your work isn’t enough. Research what keywords will get you the most viewers, and load those words into your titles, tags, and descriptions.
4. Let the Bloggers Know
One of the reasons YouTube took off in the first place and triumphed over similar sites, says Jarboe, is that it made sharing and embedding easy. Shared videos are still a powerful tool for discovery. Let the bloggers who cover your industry know whenever you have a new video up, and encourage them to post it.
5. Keep an Eye on the Analytics
If you’re not studying the free analytics tools that YouTube offers, you’re missing a valuable resource. Learn where your viewers are located and which blogs are giving you the most referrals. Study where people stopped watching your videos and learn what the weakest points are. That research can help make your next videos even better.

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