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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Should We Go Mobile?

Since we deal with a lot of retail clients, we get asked this a lot.
Here are some thoughts and statistics to boot!
The market is in the early stages of an inexorable redistribution of tasks from personal computers and laptops to mobile devices. As mobile devices get smarter and connectivity becomes more reliable, people will be able to accomplish more and more things on these new smart devices. This will accelerate during the next three to five years; this shift is inevitable.
Of those retailers planning to build an m-commerce site, 6.6% plan to do so within six months, 15.3% within six months to a year, 14.2% within one to two years, and 5.5% within two years.
As the transition to mobile accelerates, all retailers will begin to see traffic levels from mobile devices increase dramatically; for some retailers this has already begun, Likely during the next two to three years, all retailers will be forced to address this trend. Those who embrace mobility as an opportunity—early adopters that have done trial and error projects and wind up with a depth and breadth of mobile offerings—will outperform those who embrace it defensively—retailers late to the game with minimalist sites or apps.
So, the answer is yes, Maybe.
It might be too early for some. But whatever you decide, don't even consider ignoring the power of mobile marketing...Just keep your eyes and ears open. You will have to do this if you expect to survive!

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