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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Cable Co. Offered to make my commercial for free, Shouldn't I let them?

Well, this comes up from time to time and we just got asked this question again in a first client meeting.
Here is our take:

Maybe, but probably not!

It really comes down to the old cliché "You get what you pay for." After all, ask yourself if you really believe that you can get a Lexus with a Khia budget?

Everyone has seen a local commercial where the client spent thousands and thousands of dollars in airtime, but only a hundred bucks on the production for the commercial he's airing. And it shows. You have to decide if that is the kind of image you want to portray for your company. We suggest you also give some thought to your ROI potential utilizing that approach.

Television stations have two priorities: to sell advertising airtime and to broadcast programming that will make you want to spend your airtime dollars with them. Commercial production is simply not a number one priority, and it’s certainly not a specialty. The networks don’t have the luxury of enough time to give each advertiser creative undivided attention as their programming and scheduling priorities mount up. That’s where Webster Productions comes in.
OK, I know, sounds like shameless pitch time...but consider ....

If your needs are as simple as a store-front picture and a few uncomplicated graphics, then by all means try and utilize whatever resource you can. But if you want to stand out from the clutter you need to take a step up — both in production values and creativity. At WPI we specialize in creating top notch production value without a budget-breaking price tag. We also know that your success is the key to ours!

We sincerely feel it is smarter to divert a small portion of your advertising budget into producing a good spot rather than spending all of your money on airtime for a bad one. It’s a decision you have to make for yourself, and your business.  A good place to start is to ask yourself: Who am I and how do I want to be perceived. If you are honest with yourself, you already know the answer!

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