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Thursday, December 13, 2012

New Opportunities Or Missing The Mark?

As broadcast advertising people for close to 30 years, we are seeing a rapidly developing new trend in media planning (how you distribute your message):
The future is internet video. Yes the web is as full of clutter as broadcast and cable, but it's a distribution means that can work as well as broadcast if you're willing to truly open your mind to a new paradigm. It is true that broadcast and cable still work a bit quicker and extremely well, the rub is that in today's economy many businesses simply can't afford the media placement needed to be effective. Those that do invest in it consistently come out ahead. Bear in mind that these same businesses also integrate a strong online presence in their marketing video mix.
But, for those that cannot afford television the internet can provide solid platforms for marketing success. The point is that even the companies we produce television for are also integrating web encoded versions on a consistent basis. This should tell you something about how the Big Boys got that way. If they are doing it maybe you should take a cue and get on board. No, grabbing your I-phone and posting the results on You Tube won't cut it...... The point is that a little spent on good production value can be distributed for a fraction of what it cost to consistently reach new eyeballs just a few years ago. If your content is good and you develop your media platforms in a unified fashion you are at very least in the game! It isn't just a nice goal to strive for someday.  The time to engage is right now!
As it's been said, "Just Do It". We guarantee you will be very glad you did!

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