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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Nielson's Cross-Platform System Expected to Boost Online Ad Budgets

Nielson's new Cross-Platform rating system is helpful to online video advertising because it is more in line with the familiar system  used by media buyers and planners in the multi-billion dollar TV advertising industry. Online video advertising this year should account for about $3.2 billion...that's still tiny compared to Broadcast spending. A major block has been the ability to justify and evaluate results in the same strategy supporting fashion typically utilized in broadcast TV campaigns.

Consequently, this has led online advertisers to rely solely on metrics like impressions and click-throughs, while not being able to fully relate results with concurrent TV campaigns. As pointed out by Will Richmond of Video Nuze, agencies and brands haven't been able to optimize the planning of multi-platform campaigns and intuitively understand the results or gain make-goods if campaigns fall short.  Cross-Platform ratings helps demystify all of that, which will by all expectations contribute to higher online video ad spending.

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