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Friday, October 19, 2012

More Reasons To Embrace Mobile Video Marketing

Well, as most of you know our opinion on mobile video marketing was a "wait and's too soon" attitude.
That seems to be rapidly changing and we now believe the time is NOW!

Gary Hennerberg of Hennerbeg Group recently pointed out in Target Marketing Magazine:
Tablets are quickly becoming the foundation of what may be the tipping point for entering a post-PC era. Direct marketers who start early and learn fast how to take advantage of the exploding tablet marketplace—prime for video direct marketing—will be poised to grow with consumer's evolving media consumption trends....
With nearly 120 million tablets expected to be purchased by consumers this year alone, the demand is already there to present your product and service offerings.

Marketers who learn to transfer their message in tandem with more traditional marketing principles into emerging new media outlets are sure to be ahead of the curve.

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