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Monday, June 25, 2012

Quotes Of Note...And Other Realizations!

"Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do,"  "It's true for companies, and it's true for products.
                                                                                 Steve Jobs 

"If you want to make a sale next week, you can't start marketing today. You should have started three years ago."
                                                              Seth Godin/Marketing Consultant

This is so true! We often see clients exhibiting impatience with regards to their marketing goals (or lack of them).
Time and time again they decide to cut back, do or change nothing and expect new results.
Results just don't fall out of the sky. Their is no Hail Mary pass in the last minute of the business game. These things take careful planning and follow through implementation. Yes this takes some money to accomplish, but the alternative is no profitability while your competitors run with a piece of what could have been your pie.

As an example, we met recently with a small town business improvement group. Their plan is to hire a new web person publish a few mediocre photographs and therefore expect a huge increase in traffic. 

Well, as we told them, build it and they will come is a line from a movie, not a marketing strategy.
We briefly outlined a strategic and cost conscious beginning Advertising/Marketing approach to which they shockingly replied, "Won't that cost money".
Not surprisingly they have seen no results and simply continue to complain.
Amazing! Do they actually expect that these things happen for free, that they should make countless thousands of dollars and the marketing people should go hungry in the process? 

It is this type of ridiculous thinking that eventually drives them out of business. Even more ludicrous is what they do then....Advertise the business For Sale!

Funny how they suddenly believe that advertising will work at that point but not at the point of actually running their own business!

Don't let this happen to you! Do nothing (or the wrong thing) and you can expect the same in return. Common sense...right?

Food For Thought.

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