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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Quotes Of Note

Here's some musing from this years recent CES (Consumer Electronics show): 
By Colin Dixon/Advisor/TDG

"The Vendors are Treating “Smart TVs” like PCs"

"I recently spent $2,000 on a new “smart” LED TV, and as I entered the manufacturer’s booth at the show I immediately noticed the Internet portal on the TV was slightly different from mine. It now included a search function along with several other new features. I mentioned this to the presenter who told me I must have purchased last year’s model. News to me! So I asked how I could get the update. He told me I could not, that to get the new interface I needed to buy a new TV. Excuse me? Just how many people do you know that are willing to buy a new $2,000 TV each and every year? This is just the PC model all over again and a TV is decidedly not a PC."

We agree Colin.....

“Smart TV”?...... Sounds pretty dumb to us.

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