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Monday, March 29, 2010

Quote Of The Day

From a recent interview in ClikZ with Mitch Joel, author of "Six Pixels of Separation On  Human Interconnectedness in the new marketing landscape....

"We Are All One Click (or pixel) Away From One Another"

Famous Past Quotes:
In 2000 we were developing a marketing Campaign for a computer software company. If you recall, this was the time of the Big Scare of what would happen when all the computers had to switch over to the year 2000. This was known as Y2K.
We had the opportunity to ask Yogi Berra his thoughts on what Y2K would mean. 
Yogi gave this some thought and responded:
"Y2K???....What's that???...Some Kinda Lubricatin Jelly"  !!!!!
You gotta love a guy like that!

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