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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Video & Social Media Impact

A recent article in Business Insider  "The Rise of Social Video: How Social Media Is Creating New Winners in Online Video," states that social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Vine are where consumers discover and watch TV content and video. Additionally, it is predicted that online video audiences will double in 2016, with the global audience totaling about 1.5 billion.  Additionally, Pew Research Center's recent  Internet Project report, "Online Video 2013," states that "The percent of adults who use video-sharing sites has grown from 33% in 2006 and has now reached 72%." and that "71% of adults who post videos online do so on social networking sites," and "58% of adults who watch online videos do so on social networking sites."
Avi Levine, executive director of the Digital Professional Institute-a division of the digital media arts school Tribeca Flashpoint Academy, explains that the "explosion" of social networking sites focusing on video has been a game changer.

Whether you publish your video on Vine, Facebook, or YouTube, social media has the ability to bring your video message to a wider audience than any other medium in the most cost effective manner possible.

In case you doubt how dramatically  online video can impact your business, the "Social Video Report"-produced by Visibility IQ and Entertainment Media Research details these undeniable facts: "Almost six in ten internet users go on to purchase an item after seeing it in an online video!" With those kinds of numbers businesses ignore the powererful impact of social video at their own risk!

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