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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What Exactly Is Marketing About?

We just read this blogpost from a company named We don't know them personally but they hit the nail on the head with the following statement taken from their recent study "TheNew Rules of digital Marketing" We plan on following them to see what they may bring to the marketing arena, and you might consider doing the same.

The way most companies market themselves doesn’t make any sense. These companies focus too much on tactics, like SEO or social media. They jumped into SEO when they heard that SEO was “the next big thing”, they jumped into social media because they “have to be on Facebook these days” and they jumped into Pinterest and Instagram when they became popular because they didn’t want to “miss the train.”
Marketing is about being strategic. It’s not about doing something because “it’s the new thing”; it’s about being where your customers are. Instead of trying every marketing tactic in the world and hoping that something will work, start with the end goal in mind and design your marketing strategy backwards from there.

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