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Monday, September 30, 2013

Google's New Search Algorithm

Google has unleashed a brand new search algorithm, it's called Hummingbird and it helps the search engine be more capable of interpreting queries. The idea behind Hummingbird is to understand the intent behind a search rather than just interpreting  keywords contained in the search. This is huge and will change much of what we do now to optimize for search.
In other words, previously a search for "how to change an automobile tire" would focus on keywords such as: automobile and tire. Consequently the results would yield a plethora of ads and information based on those words rather than what you were actually searching for. 
This has changed! The new algorithm places emphasis on the fact that you are looking for how to information (in this case on changing a tire).
Now, user intent is more important than keyword phrases.
What this means to your video marketing efforts is that it is more important than ever to think about what question are you answering or what problem you are solving with your content. If you are not doing either of these things then what exactly does your content offer the viewer? 

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