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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Quotes Of Note

Well, as marketing people we run into this every once in a while. A potential client calls, he/she is unhappy with their current sales (or lack of) situation. Oh, and just so that you know...."We don't really believe in advertising!"
 My first inclination is to ask why did you call us then? 
But, with over twenty years in this business better judgement kicks in. What do you think the problem is I usually ask. "Well, it's as if no one knows about how great we are." 
This is the typical answer to my question.
It also leads us into the very core of advertising and marketing. 
The primary job of any marketing/advertising campaign is to build awareness! Unless you are running a direct response campaign with an urgent call to action, building your "brand" awareness comes first.
So without any further ranting here is today's Quote Of Note:


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