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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Adobe Releases 2012 Video Ad Report

Here are some useful findings regarding how online video advertising is being received.
The Video Advertising report analyzes consumer behaviors around online ad engagement providing media companies and content owners with insight to identify increased ad revenue potential. The study tracks how viewers’ response to online ads around video content is impacted by content type, length of video stream, ad format, placement and device, and indicates growing similarities between the consumption of video ads online and traditional broadcast commercials.

1.  Mid-roll video ads, the most engaging commercial position, easily out perform completion rates of pre-rolls and post-rolls. With an 87% completion rate, mid-rolls are performing close to 30% better than pre-rolls.

2.  Completion rates on mobile devices are the highest of any environment at 94%, suggesting that mobile viewers are highly engaged and willing to watch ads as part of the content experience on the go.

3.  Live content is king for advertisers. Video ads are in general more successful when included in live content than with video-on-demand (VOD). The completion rate during live content is 85%, 23% higher than with ads in VOD.

The big message here is in the performance numbers. Online Video is in full swing reaching broadcast performance rates!

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