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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Strong Stats For Web Video

Clients almost always ask if they should include online video in their marketing/advertising mix.
Of course the answer is almost always yes. 
Here's some sound reasons:

In 2010 Cisco concluded that 30% of Internet traffic was video!
By 2013,  90% of Internet traffic is projected to be video!

*A Forbes survey determined that 65% of corporate executives in the U.S. visit a vendors site after viewing a work related video and 53% do a search for vendors, products or services leading to 42% making a purchase decision.
This is because video provides a higher engagement and response than static text and pictures.

*According to an InteractiveMedia Strategies  Enterprise Video Communications Survey in 2011,  more than 75% of business people regularly view online video.

*Forrester Research adds that there is a two to three times higher clickthrough rate when there is video content embedded.

Marketing Sherpa relates that video generates four to seven times higher engagement than static messages!

So there you have it, some pretty strong incentives for including video in your mix.

*Some statistics from an article by Wayne Wall in Target Marketing magazine 

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