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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our "Quotes of Note" Posts To Return

We have gotten a number of e-mails inquiry's  asking what happened to our "Quotes Of Note" posts.
These are little gems of wisdom we pass along as we come across them. Some pertinent, some just humorous truisms. 
We promise to try and post more as we find or hear things that peak our interest.
For now here are two that come to mind off the top of our heads:

From Advertising & P.R. Giant Ogilvy:

"Video is a great way to increase interaction, 
adding video to our client's e-mail campaigns has boosted interaction by 200% to 300%" 

Wow, can't argue with that one!

From Colonel Sanders (Yes, that Colonel Sanders):

When asked what business model he adapted when devising his Kentucky Fried Chicken Franchise, He replied:

"Keep It Simple Stupid"

More Too Come!

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